Mudita builds a 21st Century feature phone

The Mudita Pure takes an approach that falls somewhere between the Light Phone 2 and the Punkt 02, two other distraction-minimizing handsets with E-Ink displays. Like the Light device, it has a handful of apps that the creators have deemed essential, including a few apps that Light has not been able to deliver in some time such as a music player. (The screenshot shows off some thematic song choices.) In fact, the Mudita team has even developed a custom OS, an effort that leads one to think the team has ambitions far beyond the current hardware.

Like the Punkt device, though, the Pure is keypad-based, and that seems out of place when you’re planning to support messaging apps such as Signal. The Mudita campaign doesn’t mention T9, offering only that its keypad lets you “write a message without looking (with some practice).” Regardless, nobody wants to go back to those days, and Light’s software keyboard used for SMS and contacts seems like a better approach. That said, the Pure’s form factor is a very familiar update of 1990s Nokia design.

While its Indiegogo campaign, which included a well-done campaign video, ended with raising over $260,000, Mudita is still accepting pre-orders. The Pure is now available for just under $300 and is expected to arrive in October after missing its initial April target.


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