Sony exits digital paper category

E-Ink displays are usually associated with e-readers like the Amazon Kindle, but there are a few products on the market that allow for stylus-based input or even run Android apps. Sony was one of the earlier players with a 13″ and then 10″ digital notepad intended mostly for reading and marking up PDFs, and featured long battery life, great outdoor visibility, and a lack of distracting apps. They were niche, professional devices marketed as an alternative to carrying around briefcases filled with paper, but cost north of $1,000 for the 13″ version.

Good e-Reader had reported in 2018 that Sony was working on some promising new products through Linfiny, its joint venture with E-Ink Holdings. However, it now reports that, at least as far as Sony’s product line is concerned, Digital Paper is no more and follow-on products are unlikely. It marks an ignonimous end for the company for a company that launched the pioneering Sony Reader in 2006 before Amazon came to dominate the category. The spirit of Digital Paper, however, will live on as products such as the reMarkable 2 hit the market soon.

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